I am a freelance application & network troubleshooter and performance analyst.

I live in Sydney, Australia.  However, if you can provide packet capture files, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you are – I’ll be able to analyse them for you.

You could  engage me on a short term daily basis if:

• You are in the middle of a long running “Crit Sit” and you want to know (now, not next week) exactly where the problem lies. You want to know what tasks are needed by whom – as well as suggestions for alternative short term workarounds. I can provide an impartial interface among management, your technical teams and your external vendors.

• Something has changed with one of your applications and some users are experiencing poor performance. You want to know why and the best way to improve it.

• You want to know how your application might be affected for new users in remote offices in distant locations, by low bandwidth WAN links or a host of other factors.

Perhaps a longer term engagement if:

• You’re planning a data centre relocation and you’d like to know:
–     Will usability for any of your applications be affected? How and why – and which mitigation options are the best for each application?
–     What devices and servers are used, how much, by whom and for what purpose?
–     What devices and servers may need to be migrated together in groups?

• You’re in the middle of, or have completed, a relocation – and are now are facing challenges. Perhaps performance of one or more applications has become much worse and you need fast answers as to why and what can be done.

• You want to know what devices are “left over” and what is the best way to deal with them?


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    1. Hello Ashley. Although I’m not in the business of building websites (my own website probably tells you that), I can certainly analyse the performance of yours if you needed it.

      My approach would be to take packet captures from as many network locations as are relevant. We could also take captures from within user PCs and on your servers themselves if other methods are too difficult.

      Armed with the capture files, I would then analyse the behaviour discovered and would be able to tell you where any bottlenecks are occurring. This includes client side, network and server processing. It could also include the behaviour of load balancers, proxy servers, firewalls and other devices – as long as captures from both sides of these were available.

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